Plumbing Tiling Contractors


We are Plumbing Tiling Contractors, the family run business with many years of tradition in plumbing, tiling, plastering and decorating jobs.

Our extensive knowledge, experience and craftsmanship is second to none and we produce the highest quality results every time!

We do floors, walls, kitchens, bathrooms or anything you can think of that plumber, tiler, plasterer or decorator should do!

Our base is in Stanmore, NW London but we are able to travel reasonable distances so give us a call!

We do private and commercial tiling and plumbing and we are able to provide fast and quality works on short notice so don’t wait – call us and we’ll tell you right away if we can do it and how soon.

We like what we do and we are friendly bunch that respects your privacy so don’t be shy and give us a try!

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